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Reason for the sale

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   We just listed the property for sale,not the business.

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1-Everything on this property is paid for in full.Therefor we can sell any item for a reasonable cost.There are thousands of items of all kinds that you can, at anytime this year make a reasonable offer on them.

2-We have hundreds of scratch and dent items from over the years come and make a reasonable offer and take them.

3-The race is over for me i'm just selling down untill I retire OR expire whichever comes first.**** Please note we have just listed the property for here

4- WE ARE SELLING THE PROPERTY.(WE'VE BEEN AT THIS LOCATION FOR 34 YEARS.) WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF ITEMS TO MOVE.Hopefully you will come back and bring or tell a friend about us.   PLEASE NOTE,, WE ARE NOT HAVING A YARD SALE !!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                           5- You can also visit Established in 1998.

6-Most importantly,we know that our customers have a choice in where they spend their hard earned money and we appreciate their business.For the time being,we can offer them an exceptional deal AS THE PROPERTY CAN SELL AT ANYTIME AND WE WOULD NEED TO REMOVE THE MERCHANDISE EITHER TO MY OTHER LOCATION OR JUST LIQUIDATE.WE PREFER TO LIQUIDATE AND GIVE YOU A DEAL.

7-Finally,we are not selling the business.ONLY THE PROPERTY.We are one of the only business around here that hasn't changed hands in 34 years.Many other local business have flipped  three or four times since we've been here.Our website was created and built in 1998. Many of even the largest corporations were still asleep at that time.We own many copyrights and have manufactured many of the  products on this site and my other sites and sold them throughout the world.

cinder blocks 1.50 each self load                                             wooden planters  11.00 each untill gone

  forklift   SOLD IN ONE DAY                                                 2011 F-350 LARIAT 4X4 DIESEL $41000 CALL 1-877-782-8837